Friday, May 25, 2012

Pineal Gland Calcification; Know the Pineal Inside Out.

Pineal Gland Calcification

The pineal gland is a very important endocrine gland situated in the center of the human brain. Its functions are it links the endocrine system to the nervous system and triggering the release of an essential endocrine hormone called serotonin. Pineal gland calcification is a one of the basic properties which affect the human brain. Ideally, pineal gland calcification is looked at in the dimension of a defect in the morphology of the brain. In simple term, it’s the build-up of calcium deposits in parts of the human and mammalian brain. Since the pineal gland is involved in the general production of melatonin and by extension serotonin all of which are essential endocrine hormones, loss or reduced function of the pineal gland on calcification is the eminent result.

Pineal gland in the past

In the past, the pineal gland was believed to be the center which controls the body’s ability to retrieve memories and psychic abilities based on its closeness to the inner higher self among people. The essence of these is the massive production of the melatonin hormones at night as compared to the daytime. The hormones ability to control consciousness when one is asleep has often elicited a myriad of speculation.
This speculation is mainly about what pineal gland calcification is or what it’s not. People in the medical fraternity are of the opinion that the continued consumption of water with calcium, and fluoride particles results in the general calcium levels covering the brain, where the pineal gland is found. This is totally as a result of evolution and increases as one age, reducing their ability to function in areas affected by melatonin. These could be in terms of reduced sexual abilities and development, poor endocrine system control and reduced sleep control abilities. 

On the other hand, a calcified pineal gland has several significant meanings to the alternative medicine experts who believe that the development t of the calcified pineal gland is the complete result of human enhancement as it provides the brain with the unmatched ability to communicate with the inner selves. Apparently, a calcified pineal gland is able to conduct electromagnetic waves. Offering the body the ability to send and receive these communication waves, enhances the person’s ability to connect with their inner selves, psychic abilities, better sleep and general development. These benefits are attributed to the pineal gland activation which targets these mineral lying on the surface of the pineal gland. 

Pineal gland calcification causes

Pineal gland calcification is caused by a number of factors. According to the initial medics, the principle cause of a calcified pineal gland was fluoride in water. The relationship between Fluoride and the Pineal gland is often seen as a common factor for the calcification of the pineal gland. When water containing fluoride is taken into the body, the fluoride and calcium ions form a layer on the pineal gland of the brain. Over time, this layer becomes significant, in itself hampering the functions of the gland. This explains the reason why calcified pineal glands are more common in older people and less in children.
Overall, in terms of the causes, pineal gland calcification is often linked to the increased acidity in the body as a result of accumulation of fluoride and calcium ions in the body. 

Pineal gland calcification symptoms

Naturally, pineal gland calcification is often linked to a reduced melatonin production by the body’s endocrine system. This in itself has a number of effects which could be classified as the calcified pineal gland symptoms. The most obvious ones are reduced sleep management abilities where one finds it difficult to sleep. The other one is lower sexual development among adolescents, regular sleep deprived depression and general poor health. 

Government cover-ups and conspiracies related to Flouride and the Pineal Gland

The most common medical conspiracy involving governments and the pineal calcification is often associated with the lacing of the public water system with sodium fluoride. In the USA alone, close to 2/3 of all public water is laced with sodium fluoride which increases the fluoride intake and by extension, inactivates the pineal gland. An inactive pineal gland means that less melatonin, which is a vital endocrine hormone is not produced for effective body functions. Presumably, this practice is practiced by different government initiatives to enrich uranium, which has significant industrial and commercial value. Although this could be another conspiracy theory aimed at the corporates and public systems, the realities of the fluoride effects are a major cause of alarm among civil society activists, journalists and other stake holders. 

How people sure their pineal glands active

There are several ways people can use to keep their pineal glands active. Whereas the most obvious would be to cut the amount of fluoride in water because of the negative impact alluded to by the fluoride and the pineal gland association, there are other solutions. To people in the medical fraternity, the most effective way to keep the pineal gland is taking hormonal supplements for melatonin. In many cases, this rarely works because of the load and alternative therapy has to be called upon. 

Pineal gland activation is the alternative and non-medical approach which can be used to keep the pineal gland active. This technique has been long supported by philosophers from the west and east in equal measure to ensure people live normally even with a poor supply of melatonin in the body. Pineal gland activation works on the premise that when the body is exposed to a number of physical activities and processes, there is a higher possibility for it to produce more melatonin and thus boost its functions. Some of the processes this process entails are meditation, relaxation techniques, good diets and others as prescribed by the concerned professionals. 

Over to you about Pineal Gland Calcification

Overall, the key to making sure you have a working pineal gland is less fluoride in the body. Once this has been achieved, many people report better chances of sleeping. Reports of better recovery in the face of sleep deprived depression have also been reported by doctors to affected patients. Keeping the pineal gland active through alternative therapy is however, the most effective and lasting solution to the problem, according to experts. 


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